About Us

RubyWe purchased our first boxer in 2000,”Ruby”, for a companion and kept her ears “natural”. We immediately realized that there was something different in this breed that captures the hearts of their owners.


LaylaWhen our beloved Layla passed we decided to invest in a Boxer for Showing and Breeding. We spent 2 years doing “homework” on different breeders and ethics and Kim sent out many long emails packed full of questions to many breeders (thanks to all that replied). We finally found a breeder in our area who has the quality, health, and structure that we were looking for and purchased our first girl in the spring of 2006.

HopeUCI/CKC CH KG’s Pandoras Box at RubyRed, “Hope”, a flashy reverse brindle bitch, who under the expert handling of Colin Brownlee championed in 4 weekends at the age of 7 months !!


We were hooked and we purchased another bitch from KG Boxers in the winter of 2006.


UCI/CKC CH KG N RubyRed’s Crimson Sunrise, “Charity”, a flashy fawn bitch whom also with Colin, championed in 4 weekends at the age of 9 months !!




In the spring of 2008 we had a fawn bitch flown in from Beautiful British Columbia, a KG Boxer based breeding thru Cair Paravel Boxers of Victoria, B.C. Our “Chablis” is also a UCI/CKC/ABI Champion.


CoachIn 2010 we entered into a co-ownership with KG Boxers acquiring a Fawn male, “Coach”, with an amazing pedigree. Coach is also a CKC Champion.



In 2012 we branched out into the world of American Cocker Spaniels by acquiring a co-ownership with Marlene Ness of Nesmar Cockers and added Nesmar’s Kashmir at Rubyred to our household. With the grooming and handling expertise of Marlene, “Kashmir” quicky became a CKC/ABI Champion!

In 2016 we once again branched out and added a French Bulldog to our lineup by acquiring Xtraordinary Gentleman of Energy House from an European French Bulldog Breeder.


We have produced select litters over the years and have added to our list of Champions, as well as enriched the lives of the families who join our “Boxer Family” and adopted a Rubyred puppy into their lives.  Our breeding stock is fully health tested before each breeding and our puppies come with health guarantees against hereditary problems.